Duca Kim

After leaving the big company who was a mechanical designer, he majored in pattern and fashion in Istituto Secoli in Milan.

Since then, he has been working as an creative director of MONICA, an export brand in Korea, and has developed a domestic designer brand MOBLINE.

In 2012, he integrated the brand into MONICA & MOBLINE,served as a creative director, and became CEO in 2014.

He is still working on the design and pattern of all the products produced.


2016 The winning of a prize 'JFDA Design Contest'

2016 Seoul Fashion week ‘Generation next’

2016 The winning of a prize 'Nextgen Award‘


2012 ‘MONICA&MOBLINE’ Creative Director


2010 ‘MONICA’ Creative Director

2010 The winning of a prize in Secoli

2010 Graduated from Istituto Secoli (Milan,Italy)